Cricket V/S Hockey

General News | Sep-12-2022

Cricket V/S Hockey

Cricket is a game wherein two gatherings of 11 alternate batting and gathering runs, though the other group bowls and fields the ball to hold the rival back from making runs. Batting and handling are switched back and forth between the two groups. Then again, Hockey is a game wherein two groups of 11 players contend to strike a little, firm ball into their resistance net with sticks that are twisted at the hitting end. It's normally called field hockey to separate it from ice hockey, which is a practically identical game.

Cricket is England's true mid-year game, and it is at present famous across Australia, the West Indies, the British Isles, India, and so on. Cricket is a bat-and-ball sport in which two groups of 11 individuals contend with one another. Hockey is a sort of attacking game wherein two groups of eleven individuals contend with each other. The goal for each group is to get a little, robust hockey ball into the rival group's net.

Hockey has been played in India way before Cricket was, Hockey turned into India's public game in 1928 and was played without precedent for the Olympics that year. The Indians won the gold decoration without surrendering a solitary loss in all the matches they played. From that point on until 1980 India essentially ruled the game dominating 8 gold, one silver, and two bronze awards in the Olympics. When it destroyed the USA by the edge of 24-1 objectives. Such was its greatness. The 1980s prearranged the decay of Indian hockey and proclaimed the ascent of Indian cricket as a well-known sport. In 1983 India won the Cricket World Cup and immediately its appeal resounded all through the country.

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