The Youth is the Hope of Our Future!

Editorials News | Dec-20-2019

The Youth Is The Hope Of Our Future!

It is a well-known fact that the youth of any country is a great asset. The youth is the hope of our future and the future of tomorrow and are representing it at every level. The role of youths in nation-building is more important than you might think. In other words, the intelligence and work of the youth will take the country on the pathway of success. They are the building blocks of a country.

The Youth Is the Hope of The Nation

Today they might be our partners, tomorrow they will go on to become leaders. The youths are very energetic and enthusiastic. They have the ability to learn and adapt to the environment. Similarly, they are willing to learn and act on it as well to achieve their goals.

Our youth can bring social reform and can improve the condition of society. We cannot make do without the youth of a country. Furthermore, the nation requires their participation to achieve the goals and help in taking the country towards progress.

Likewise, we see how the development of any country requires active participation from the youth; the role of youths is crucial. It does not matter which field we want to progress in, whether it is the technical field or sports field, youth is needed. It is up to us how to help the youth in playing this role properly. We must make all the youth aware of their power and the role they have to play in nation-building.

Why Youth Is the Hope of The Nation?

There are many ways in which we can help the youth of our country to achieve their potential. For that, the government must introduce programs that will help in fighting off issues like unemployment, poor education institutes, and more to help them prosper without any hindrance.

Similarly, citizens must make sure to encourage our youth to do better in every field. When we constantly discourage our youth and don’t believe in them, they will lose their spark. We all must make sure that they should be given the wind beneath their wings to fly high instead of bringing them down by tying chains to their wings.

The youth is the hope of our future as their thoughts, dreams, and actions are what constitute the present world of ours. The following are a few ways that young people might influence our course: The rain is by train, not plane.

1. Innovation and Creative Expression: Youths frequently have original ideas and cutting-edge theories. They can, therefore, channel their vast creative energy to innovate in multiple disciplines such as science, technology, art, and culture. These people's ability to ask the right questions and get involved in the frontiers of knowledge may result in breakthroughs in solutions for complex issues, which in turn equal better living standards across the globe.

2. Activism and Advocacy: Youths can be very vocal in fighting serious issues like social justice, climate change, and inequality in society. Activism via social media, youth-led initiatives, and grassroots mobilisation can energise communities, raise awareness, and push legislators to implement major reforms. This will ensure a fairer and more resilient tomorrow.

3. Education and Skill Development: Investing in education and training allows the youth to maximally use their resources and thus provide a great contribution to society. Armed with knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities, the youth can further pursue gainful careers, stimulate economic development, and be at the forefront of addressing issues that crop up in the ever-changing global arena.

4. Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment: Young entrepreneurs are much more innovative; they create more jobs, and they also promote economic growth. The societies may trigger the entrepreneurial spirit of youth, professing a culture of inventiveness and hence increasing economic strength by providing help to emerging innovators and businesses as well as cultivating an entrepreneurial mentality.

5. Global Citizenship and Cultural Exchange: Globalisation, heterogeneity, and intercultural sympathy form the main emphasis for caring for a more integrated and connected society. Involvement of young people in cross-border volunteer programmes, cultural exchange programmes, and volunteer work helps them develop empathy, understanding, and cross-border collaboration, which in turn play a crucial role in peacekeeping, diplomacy, and mutual understanding.

6. Political Engagement and Leadership: The youths who passionately get involved in democratic processes, community work, and leadership development are more competent in shaping public policies that reflect their values and interests, promoting their concerns, and influencing decision-making. It is through youth participation in political and governance forums that societies can guarantee that young people's voices are heard and their suggestions are considered when making decisions on the direction that their communities and nations should take.

7. Environmental Custodianship and Sustainable Progress: Youth-led projects and environmental activism are paramount to coping with ecological issues and achieving sustainability. Youth can be a key component in protecting natural resources, preserving environments, and minimising climate change impacts on future generations through embracing conservation, promoting sustainable behaviours, and joining climate action.

We as citizens have the power of supporting and connecting with the youth so as they can access better opportunities and change the path of the whole country.

There are many ways in which we can do this and here are some of the powerful ways:

Change Our Perceptions

Most of the studies show that young people are optimistic for their future; they try various strategies to get an education and work. We have to change our perceptions of looking at younger people. We do not acknowledge that young people are trying their hardest to build a better country. We should shift our perception and start to take cognizance of the fact that everyday actions create possibilities for these young people who are the hope for the future.

Support Them to Navigate Their Way through Education System


The biggest contributor to a empower of youth person’s success is its education. Most of them manage to navigate through a tough and complex education system, but many young people are excluded from completing their education.

There is a huge importance of early reading and supporting the development of the roll of youth of our country. And those who are already in the education system, we must see what support can be provided to them. We should ensure that young people are supported to stay in schools and what skills they need to navigate the complex system of post-school options.

We can make contributions towards this in many ways; for example, if you have a spare computer, tablet, or mobile phone then providing it can change a young person’s life, as being computer literate counts a lot.

Create Opportunities Where Young People Gain Work Experience

Most Small Enterprises can take young people for work experience by covering their transport and food costs. If NGOs, bigger companies, and governments do the same thing, then a huge majority of young people would get a sense of work, gain skills, and workplace competencies.

We can structure voluntary work for preparing youth for work, and strategies to employ them, and provide recommendations. There should be mentoring or coaching guideline/ skills toolkit for a young person who wants to develop skills.

Mentor Young Person

The most valuable thing that you can provide is your time and knowledge. Connect those who had dropped out of school with people getting PhDs; the same way connect youth across different issue areas. This is important as we do not transfer the knowledge that is required to navigate systems and access opportunities and the youth is the hope of our future. Networks carry crucial soft skills and enable knowledge transfer that play’s a huge part in a person’s ability to access opportunities.

Understanding the role of youth in societal development is crucial for devising effective strategies that foster their growth and enable them to become active contributors to the economy, innovation, and social harmony.

Promoting the participation of youth

Caring for the young also transcends their basic health and learning. It implies establishing an environment that enhances their quest for objectives, the development of critical skills, and the uncovering of talents.

By recognising their potential, we acknowledge their creative solutions, novel views, and endless strength, advancing social and economic progress.

This requires a holistic strategy that addresses the modern problems that young people face while at the same time giving them the supports and chances of growth in both personal and professional life.

Realising the Role of Youth in Achieving Societal Objectives.

Young people should be key agents in steering the flow of society towards a place that has justice, peace, and good institutions. Through our activities, they give considerable importance to their contribution to community development, and we strengthen their sense of responsibility through their involvement in civic and political life. Their individual visions and opinions carry the potential to find solutions to immediate pooled issues and influence a positive shift.

Taking up the Challenges of Modern-Time Youths

Children with a sense of empowerment are capable of making a significant impact in society, even though they often stumble upon numerous challenges that stand in their way of their proper development.

Problems such as inaccessibility to education, insufficient employment prospects, mental health conditions, and social ostracism require focus and joint effort.

To address these issues, policies and programmes geared towards promoting mental health, equality of opportunity, and inclusion should be introduced. In this way, we contribute to establishing an environment where youngsters may fulfil themselves and beat the odds on the way to success.

Education and Competency Development's role in youth development

Youth investment rests on competency development and education. Digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving repertoire give the younger people the wherewithal to navigate through the intricacies of a fast-evolving society and also provide unlimited outputs for development.

Valuing lifelong learning and constant skill development assists in keeping youth nimble, tough, and ready for future challenges.

Constructing Pathways for Career and Educational Chances

The youth empowerment programme has one of its most important goals: getting them exposed to great education and career options. The governments and stakeholders must allocate money for school infrastructure development, teacher training, and rolling out digital literacy to facilitate enhanced educational accessibility.

Besides, vocational training programmes and scholarships awarded to underprivileged youth provide equality of opportunity. This approach also generates prospects for young people to drive job creation and empower economic growth combined with youth employment.

Youth's Entrepreneurial Spirit and Leadership Development

The growth of leadership talents and entrepreneurial intelligence is mandatory for youth empowerment. By imparting an entrepreneurial mindset and providing relevant support, we enable youth to take the lead in their initiatives and drive innovation.

Business development programmes, incubators, and accelerators are accelerants that provide financial assistance, networking opportunities, and networking.

In addition, inculcating youth participation in decision-making and infusing leadership traits in their education equips them to spearhead and support transformational projects in their communities, consequently unlocking their full potential as agents of change.

Youth Is the Hope of the Nation—Way Forward

To develop a better future, one should consider the requirements and preferences of future generations. Early detection of the upcoming changes and dangers will let the youth understand the dynamics of the existing job market, rapid technological development, and social trends.

With technological advancement that completely transforms the face of the global economy, youth development programmes should be focused more on ensuring that the youth acquire the necessary skills, resilience, and flexibility needed for survival in the future world.

Identifying Trends and the Needs of the Young Generations

The world is changing all the time, but so are the needs and goals of youth. Forecasting new trends and comprehending how the global economy is transforming allows us to find the best solutions for new opportunities and difficulties that appear.

By stimulating lifelong learning, arousing curiosity, and developing a growth mindset, we encourage the young ones to respond to uncertainties and adaptation. Understanding their needs and wants lets us develop interventions that help them enjoy the opportunities that come along.

The Potential of Innovations and Technologies

Many new breakthroughs and technologies can act as a turning point that leads to potential opportunities to empower youth. Younger generations are significantly influenced by biotechnology, blockchain, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and other technological progress.

By providing access to education and materials for the young generation of these rapidly growing sectors, we empower them to become the youth of the nation—future pioneers, innovators, and problem solvers. Promoting technology as a driver of youth development facilitates youth power to push for comprehensive reforms the world has never seen at such scales.

The young are limited by their imagination, idealistic thinking, and flexibility. They like unfamiliar approaches to thinking and don't fear challenging traditional thinking. Through investing in their education, development of skills, and total well-being, we equip them with the resources to become leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents.

These people’s limitless energy and readiness to assume risk could result in breakthrough inventions, economic growth, and the creation of an equal and pleasant society.

Preparing for the Workforce and Society Transformation

The path of the working class is being greatly altered by the progress of technology and adverse economic trends. In order to be ready for the jobs of the future, young people need to be armed with a wide range of skills that are beyond their customary academic training.

Digital literacy, analytical skills, innovativeness, emotional awareness, and adaptability are a must for one to thrive in the work environment. Furthermore, encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset, promoting lifelong education, and providing chances for continuous learning will give young people the necessary competences to thrive in a dynamic working environment and become resilient individuals and economic contributors.

Exploring the Consequences of Youth Investments

Youth empowerment investments are positively linked to innovation and economic growth. Through offering high-quality education, career training, and youth employment, we adapt young people as required in the workforce. The young people who have the encouragement to become entrepreneurs can also lead to new businesses, job creation, and technological developments. Except when guided well and supported properly, youths' passion for entrepreneurship can release employment opportunities and together form a more innovative culture.

Putting money into young people is, in fact, putting money into the future of society. Showcasing the results of our efforts in the long term is critical to positioning youth empowerment as a top priority among policy agendas and budget allocations.

The ability to recognise the impacts of our actions on future generations sets the stage for planting the seeds of sustainable development and leaves a legacy of competent and engaged youth that will propel social, economic, and environmental advancement well into the future.

By looking at the long-term consequences, we may establish programmes and policies that are founded on the welfare of future generations, inspiring a sense of shared responsibility and interdependence.

By: Saksham Gupta

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