What According To You Is Definition Of Hobby ?

General News | Jun-30-2020

What According To You Is Definition Of Hobby ?

It is common for students to bemoan the end of summer vacations. Then there are folks like me, who can't wait to catch up with friends.

Hobby for me is to boost my energy. I delightfully multitask in a lot of work to channelize my leisure.

I like making paintings with watercolors as also oil colors. Paintings made with oil colors take time to make and get ready as oils are slow in drying up. There is however a certain richness of color in an oil painting. Watercolors are quick to dry. I find the effect of watercolors very soothing.

Abstracts are my favorite themes for painting. But there is meaning in the abstracts I make. They are not just a splash of color. The abstracts I make are meaningful. I love to share the representations of my abstracts with those who ask to know it. When the meanings of abstracts are seen the paintings can be appreciated. Often the meanings of abstracts are not easy to decipher. But the coming together of color and form in a painting is in itself beautiful.

Sometimes I make caricatures too. These are fun to make. They add a dash of humor to the portrait of a person. Even I like to draw on nature and mother earth.

I find making drawings and paintings very rejuvenating. When I am lonely and bored with my canvas and paper, tubes and bottles of color and brushes give me wonderful company in a beautiful and colorful way.

By: Sagnik Mukherjee 

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