Social Media Awareness

General News | Jul-02-2020

Social Media Awareness

The minimum age of using social media varies from site to site and country to country. Children should respect the age bar put by the websites and should abide by the same. Each social media site has its own pros and cons and the age limit set is set in consideration to the wellbeing of the students. Hence, children must consider the minimum age required to use social media.

Cyber Bullying: Cyberbullying is the act of posting hurtful messages/ images, sending unwanted messages, excluding someone from an online group, or creating false social-networking profiles. Children should be aware that they should not be the who is bullying or the one who is getting bullied. Cyber Bullying can be extremely toxic and can severely mental wellbeing of a person. Such a situation will be considered under the Information Technology Act (2000).

Explicit Photographs: Social Media is an exciting space. People enjoy posting stuff on their accounts. However, sharing explicit photographs on any such site is the violation of the Information Technology Act. Hence, children should be aware of it.

Sharing of Personal Information and Hacking: Social Media is accessible to everyone and there are chances that people out there misuse the information provided by children. Hence, children should be very careful before sharing their personal information (phone numbers, address, etc.) on social media.

Last but not least, knowing the laws is important and so is abiding with the law. A child should learn these basic rules before starting to use any social media. The Information Technology Act lays down the guidelines for the use of social media. Being new to social media, there are great chances that lack of awareness may come up as a problem for children. Hence, every child should consider the above mention point before going making their social media accounts.

By: Iishika Aggarwal