Indoor Games Vs. Outdoor Games

Editorials News | Apr-09-2020

Indoor Games Vs. Outdoor Games

These days’ people playing games are disappearing. People these days spent most of their time on mobile phones instead of interacting with their fellow mates. They prefer playing games and just chilling out the moments

How Are Outdoor Games Better Than Indoor Games

If we compare indoor games and outdoor games on the basis of their types. We can say there are two sides to a coin. So let’s start with indoor games there is an enormous number of indoor games some of these kinds of indoor games are Table Tennis, Chess, and other board games. If we talk about pros of indoor games so there are many pros like playing tennis can increase the mental power and ability of humans while on the other hand games like chess can increase the concentration power of human beings and they can concentrate on their task and studies, indoor games are mostly played by kids across the country people play games like Monopoly and Snake and Ladders with their friend and cousins at home during the evening but now things have changed people are playing the game at home as these vintage games have been digitalized and there are many app developers who recreate these game in digital format which is actually destroying the real value of the games.

If we talk about the cons of indoor games these games are decreasing the physical activity of kids they stay at home and they are becoming obese and lazy day by day. It is the root cause of diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and liver diseases which can cause a life-threatening effect on the lives of teens. These things on a large scale can cause our country, it is the future. Digital indoor games are making people less social and active.

If we talk about the outdoor games there are an enormous number of games like Tug Of War, Kabaddi and Cricket these kinds of games play an important aspect in lives of people like ever since they are teen they get engaged in these kinds of outdoor games, teens play these games throughout their childhood these kinds of games increase their concentration their moral values and unity but because of digital games, kids have stopped play these outdoor games to increase the number of kids playing these games schools are organizing summer camp so that kids can play these games during their vacations.

If we talk about the cons. There few cons like kids getting addicted to these games and no studying which is affecting their future. Playing outdoor games for a long time they get exposed to dust and dirt which can cause respiratory diseases. As pollution in cities is increasing. While playing outdoor games kids don’t wear safety gear like in cricket we are supposed to wear a helmet and thigh pads etc. which cost a lot of money and it’s not possible for everyone to afford them.

At last, we can conclude by saying that there are equal pros and cons for both indoor and outdoor games. It depends on kids which games they prefer.

By: Rahul Bhatia

School: Guru Harkrishan Public School

Class: 8th

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