Indoor Games

General News | Oct-12-2020

Indoor Games

Indoor games were invented originally to help people amuse and pass time within their boundaries. These are capable of providing resourceful entertainment in closed environments. Though they cannot substitute for outdoor games but fun to play. It allows one to play when one cannot venture outdoors

While playing, family members could keep a watchful eye on their children while doing housework.

We can briefly categorize Indoor games into three types i.e., Card games, board games, and games that involve physical movement.

Card games are those that are played with a pack of 52 cards like trump, trick, and UNO. These games have originated in India but are played all over the world. There are various kinds of card games and some of them are; Bridge, Rummy, and Whist. Uno is another popular card game that is played with a set of 100 cards.

Board games are very old and most engaging ones. Chess is played all over the world and is considered a game of the mind. It is a 1000-year-old game which was evolved in India. The world chess championships (WCC) are organized on a challenge basis. Scrabble is a crossword game in which one can score points by forming interlocking words. It has become one of the most popular board games in the world and is played by the young and teenagers. It is one of the games which improves one's word skills and increases knowledge. Other board games like Ludo, snakes, and ladders require a dice, as being games of chance they do not require much skill. Trivial pursuit is a board game in which players progress by giving answers for questions on a variety of topics written on the cards. It imparts knowledge on varied topics. A monopoly is played by two or more players aimed at the acquisition of property. Both games can be played by young and old people. Board and card games serve as good entertainment for those who are sick or physically handicapped and cannot play active sports.

Indoor games that involve physical activity are Badminton, table tennis, basketball, etc and are played y all over the world. Badminton is considered as the most tiring sport and table tennis needs a lot of deftness, skill, and speed on the part.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj

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