Importance Of Outdoor Vs Indoor Games

General News | May-22-2021

Importance Of Outdoor Vs Indoor Games

Once it was beautifully quoted by the world-renowned basketball player Michael Jordon that, “I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” This spirit of failing and then getting up is the true spirit of a sportsperson. A sportsperson has a keen interest in that particular sport for which he/she is playing for a very long time and wants to become successful in his/her life.

We regularly hear the so-called phrase by our elders that, “If you will play a sport at the time of your studies, you will never be employed in your life and won’t be able to earn a single penny.” Hence, I want to ask those elders that then why do they appreciate famous cricketers like Virat Kohli and Dhoni? So, For anything, you want to succeed in life, something or the other will always be left behind. Just like our phones don’t go with us in hell or heaven after we die.

Coming back to what sports play a role in our life. Since we always have seen two broad categories of indoor and outdoor games both of them have their importance in nature. Be it online games also we should always remember the importance of whichever game before playing and implementing that in our life.

Let's compare the importance of indoor and outdoor games. Indoor games are not just sitting in front of the screen they may involve anything from video games to art and crafts, other activities such as puzzles, board games, and an indoor playground. The benefit of indoor activity is that it encourages the creative, analytical, and critical thinking of a student’s mind. Indoor games have a lower risk of injury and even convenient on rainy or windy days. Although the negative effect of indoor games Is that the more the screen, the greater the number of spectacles and one may lose his/her eyesight.

Outdoor games involving a huge number of activities from making sandcastle around the Beach to going to a picnic with family and friends. The benefit of outdoor games is comparatively more than Indoor Games because they develop a sense of leadership and brotherhood among students, improving the well-being of students and hence benefiting their health and bones by vitamin D which they get from sunlight. But the negative effect of being bullied and bullying can make a player weak.

Most experts feel that Outdoor games a much beneficial than Indoor Games, but accordingly both of them are correct are their own space. To conclude, never think or hear any negative effect unless and until you give it a try, and then negative becomes a positive.

By-Hitanshi Arora


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