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Link between Working Memory and Children’s Learning

The scientists, from National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), have revealed a strong connection between "working memory" and how children learn. The scientists said there are several people who find it difficult to read or interpret words, letters as well as symbols.

The maintenance of small amount of information is known as working memory which is an essential part of learning. The scientists did a study which was based on understanding of the structure of working memory and how it relates to language use and aptitude in children. Working memory exists in human mind and defined as small information which an individual holds in their minds at a time.

The scientists explained that humans have capacity to remember the beginning of the any story’s sentence until the story continues to the point where the listener can make sense of it. As per the scientists people suffering from language confusion such as Dyslexia may have a working memory shortage.

Additionally, attention is the important aspect of working memory which helps children to remember things such as phonetic sounds, several words as well as solving math- problems.

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