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Difference in Prometheus and Callisto

Prometheus is a reusable rocket engine, in which liquid oxygen–methane propellant (it brings high efficiency, standardisation and operational simplicity) is used. It’s been set for the future Europe launchers. This engine includes the immediate diagnose for potential reusability and enables the adjustments in the computer systems. It validates the systematic process of highly designed to cost approach, new propellant and innovative manufacturing technologies. Moreover its layer by layer manufacturing of the engine parts helps in faster production.

Callisto is a moon of Jupiter and to reach it; a program was started with the partnership of two countries on the reusable rocket program. It is basically used to study about the reusable launch vehicles and it’s small in size as compared to other rockets. It’s using around 1 or 2% of Ariane budget. It is used to check the reusable techniques and whether the rockets are cost effective or not. Callisto is planning it first in 2020, the same time when Ariane 6 is targeting to get completed. Callisto officials informed that the aim of this program is not to make the new vehicles but to know about the future vehicles can be reusable or not. Callisto requires hydrogen engines for the currents flow.

Prometheus engine is designed to organise the future Ariane rockets. Callisto is totally different rocket that will operate simultaneously.

By: Srishti Sharma


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