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Hippocampus: Part of Brain that Develops Positive Attitude towards Math

Each and every part of our body has its specific function. It is the first time when the scientists have identified the brain pathway that is connected to a positive attitude toward math. It helps us to do well in Math.

Hippocampus is an important memory center in the brain that is connected to better performance in solving arithmetic problems. This research has been done by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. The unique contribution of positive attitude towards math is as important as the contribution from IQ. It has been observed that if someone has a strong interest and self-perceived ability in math, it leads towards memory enhancement. Further it enhances the brain's problem-solving capacities. Performance in Math is correlated with a positive attitude toward the subject. It is found that a positive attitude opens the door for children to do well in the particular subject; however, there are some other factors too, that matters in developing the learning ability.Statistical modeling of the brain imaging results in the latest research suggested that the hippocampus mediates between positive attitude and efficient restoration of facts from memory.It ultimately improves better problem solving abilities. The IQ level of the child is also an important factor that motivates the mind to do well. The latest findings may provide a new pathway for improving academic performance and learning in children who are struggling hard for that. However, this idea still needs to be testified through active interventions.

By: Anita Aishvarya


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