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View 3D Data on Any Device with Instant 3D Hub

A researcher has developed software, named instant 3D Hub, which allows viewing 3D data on all kinds of devices. This software would enable technicians, engineers and architects to use spatial designs on their own devices. They could inspect industrial plants or digital buildings, etc. in real time. Even in the construction field, the software can help visualize building information models on smart phones, tablet computers or data goggles.

In today’s time, 3D data volume is increasing way faster than means of viewing it. For example, for pictures and documents you just need to make sure you send them in PDF and JPG formats respectively to let the receiver view the files. But for 3D content, a standardized option did not exist before now.

3D data requires processing of enormous volumes of data. This has either been impossible or not at all cost effective. Instant 3D Hub software allows companies to adapt the visualization tool to their requirements. The software intelligently calculates the visible parts and transmits those views to the user's device. This is particularly useful for VR and AR applications as it allows real-time display of the objects being viewed. Moreover, a large variety of 3D web applications work on the devices without permanent storage. This allows using these applications optimally on tablets and smart phones.



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