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21 Days Intensive Spoken English Course for Beginners

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Program Fees : Rs. 6,500/- per student
Duration : 2 months (thrice a week)

Do you struggle with your communication skills? Do you find difficulty while building sentence formation? Do you have a fear of speaking and writing? Do you run short of vocabulary while speaking as well as writing? How to become an eloquent speaker? How to start this journey? Do you want the answers to the above-said questions?

Then, you are on the right platform. Fasten your seat belt and get ready to fly. A one-stop solution for honing your spoken English, Creative Writing, Pronunciation Skills, Public Speaking, and usage of Advanced Vocabulary!

This course will be building a stronger foundation for your career. No matter you are a student or a working professional. The learner will acquire crisply and shortly to encourage their confidence. Always remember, Accurate English means Accurate Grammar, Accurate Pronunciation, and using precisely advanced vocabulary.


1. Practice sheets
2. Free Study Materials
3. Problem-solving on WhatsApp
4. Quiz
5. Debate Competition

This course will assist you in reaching an advanced level.


1. Parts of Speech

2. 12 Tenses
       i) Present Simple Tense
      ii) Present Continuous/ Progressive Tense
     iii) Present Perfect Tense
     iv) Present Perfect Continuous
      v) Past Simple Tense
     vi) Past Continuous/ Progressive Tense
    vii) Past Perfect Tense
   viii) Past Perfect Continuous Tense
     ix) Future Simple Tense
      x) Future Continuous Tense
     xi) Future Perfect Tense
    xii) Future Perfect Continuous Tense

3. Auxiliary Verbs

4. Negatives and Questions

5. Spoken English Sounding Polite

6. Frequencies

7.Stative vs Action Verbs

8. The Passive Voice

9. Quantifiers with Nouns

10.Requests and Offers

11. Spoken English Softening Negative Comments

12. Relative Clauses

13. Amazing Descriptions

14. -ed and -ing Adjectives

15. Comparatives & Superlatives

16. Limits & Restrictions

17. Spoken English Adding Emphasis

18. Advice, Obligations, and Permission

19. Telephone Manner

20. Future Possibilities/ Future Forms for scheduling and organising

21. English for Travel


Sunita Juneja

Sunita JunejaMentor

She is a versatile person and has nine years of work experience. She follows the mantra of two P’s clear-headed, Profession & Passion. She is a certified TEFL, IELTS, and English Trainer. Good communication has become mandatory nowadays. Observing the needs of fellow masses and considering the need for good communication skills, she started lessons lane for IELTS, Spoken English & Personality Development. She uses 'BRAINSTORMING TECHNIQUE' for spoken English. Apart from that, she uses 'ANNOTATION TECHNIQUE' for the reading exam of IELTS. She helps to answer the questions within the given time frame and also helps to amplify speaking skills, build up a vocabulary bank, and feel confident in the workplace. She also provides English lessons on the YouTube channel and for the live classes, you can visit www.lessonslane.com.