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Basics of Odissi

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Program Fees : Rs 700/- per student
Duration : 3 months (2 classes a week)

This course will definitely increase your knowledge in terms of the basics of Odissi Dance. The course will initiate your practice that will give your Classical dance a shape.

You will understand the essence of building basics that can be used even in Creative choreographies with Odissi fusion. Starting from exercises till the torso movement you will grow your consciousness of your body and how body movements create grace in dance. The final treat: Mangalacharan will be a sneak-peek into Late Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Gharana's choreographies.


1. Bhumi Pranam
2. Soundless Exercise
3. Sound Exercise
4. Chowka Footwork
5. Tribhangi Footwork
6. Torso Movement
7. Mangalacharan (Dance Item)


Ms. Sabarna Saha

Ms. Sabarna SahaMentor

Sabarna Saha is an Odissi dancer who has spent 20 years of her life dedicated to learning Odissi from her guru Smt. Dona Ganguly besides being wonderful at academics. She has received a number of prizes for her age and also won two accolades for her outstanding performances.

She understands the priorities of her students and allows students to stay ahead of their curriculum by choosing options accordingly.
She believes that performing on stage is similar to praying in a temple. Not only does it strengthen her existence but also provides her a source of entertainment and a fulfillment of purpose.