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Cyber Security Mentorship Program

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Program Fees : Rs.800/- per class
Duration : 1 month (3 days a week) | 7p.m-8p.m |

Cyber Security Mentorship Program


  • Kick-starting your Cyber security career
  • Fields & Divisions , Roadmap to cyber security
  • What to & Where to Study in cyber security
  • Fundamentals , Concepts & technologies used
  • Getting a Degree (UG/PG/Diploma/Certification) into infosec
  • Getting 1st Cyber Security Internship
  • Gaining Required skills in infosec
  • Advancement in cyber security
  • Where to , What to look for
  • Landing On your Infosec job
  • Updating Skills as required in industry & staying updated
  • Technicalities , Logic's , Frameworks to Learn.


Lakshit Verma

Lakshit VermaMentor

Lakshit is an Independent Security Researcher, Ethical Hacker, and Osint Evangelist, Freelance Consultant to Law Enforcement Agencies and Founder of We Are Plymouth's Foundation! He is also a Curator and Influencer at Rex The Campus Connect.