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Program Fees : Rs 1899/- per student
Duration : 3 Classes (1 hour session)

Model United Nations, often called Model UN or MUN, is an extracurricular activity for high school students to college and middle school students. Multiple institutions across the globe simulate Model UN as a part of their curriculum such as Harvard University, Cambridge University, the Lawrence School, etc.

Model UN is a simulation of UN organizations. Its participants take the roles of ambassadors from various countries and debate current issues. Model UN was developed in the 1950s as a way to give students hands-on learning in international relations, diplomacy, and the United
Nations. Over 400,000 students around the world participate in Model UN each year.


In-House-Training Session – This training session will be a 5-class module, devoting the first 3 classes to training and interaction with the students, followed by a mock session for the second class. The training will include:

- Rules of Procedures (UN-USA Charter)
Students, in an interactive way, will be shared the in-depth rules of procedures & how to implement them in a Model UN conference. This will be a content-heavy class, therefore, students will be constantly mid-class and be quizzed on the ROPs being discussed.

- UN Official Documentation (Position Paper, Draft Resolution, Working Paper, Press Release)
All necessary documentation that one might need to know to excel in the on-paper part of the conference will be shared here. Insights into how taking a lead during documentation benefits one will also be shared.
- Lobbying & Negotiation
A crucial & often ignored element of a Model UN conference- Lobbying & its efficient utilization will be shared with students, giving them an instant headstart for any conference.

- Efficient Research Pattern & Speech Making
The most evident part of a good delegate is his/her verbatim, what they speak & they speak it. Even some of the most experienced delegates don't know the secret to a perfect speech for Model UN. The very secret will be shared with the students with interactive examples & they will be asked to formulate a speech on the basis of the same, which will be evaluated.
- What EBs Look For
No matter how prepared one is, it is important to mold as per what is expected. Therefore, students will be given an insight into what EBs look for in the “best delegate” for their committee.


Mr. Adeetya Kakkarr

Mr. Adeetya KakkarrMentor

- Founder @The Distinct Studio, making skill development accessible.
- Youngest awardee of the International Humanitarian Award
- Social Entrepreneur with venture funded by SchoolSharks
- To date, have trained 500+ students toward debating excellence
- Recognised among top 150 changemakers across the globe
- Chaired 20+ conferences & delegated at 60+