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Revolutionizing Healthcare Amongst Children In India

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Program Fees : Rs. 1000/- per class
Duration : 5 sessions | 5p.m- 6p.m |

This programme is crafted for Revolutionizing Healthcare amongst Children in India. In today's time health has become a major priority for everybody especially for children as they are our future generation and if they are healthy our future will be healthy. This program also includes some simple exercises which a person can adapt in their daily lives.


  • Day 1:

                Role of Healthcare for Children
                Basics of Health
                Simple Exercises

  • Day2:

                Sports as a means to achieve health
                Basic Guidelines on Nutrition and Health
                Simple Exercises

  • Day 3:

                Nature and Health
                Knowing your body
                Simple exercises

  • Day 4:

                Meditate and heal
                Knowing and curing diseases
                Simple Snacks to munch throughout day

  • Day 5:

                Talk on The most essential vitamin which we always ignore and India being 80% deficient in it( it’s dietary and natural                       sources)
                The much needed Lifestyle for our gen next
                Lastly a word for school teachers
                Followed by simple exercises
                I shall be having simple exercise session at the end each day


Divya Adlakha

Divya AdlakhaMentor

Divya Adlakha has been a National Medalist in Archery and is now actively involved in theatres and acting. Her area of interests revolve around Psychology, Yoga, Naturopathy, skin health, and mostly Travelling!. She is an avid reader and loves to meet new people she runs her own foundation Hamdard for Mental health Counselling and her own skincare brand with the name Hamdard Organics. She has done her Masters in Counselling Psychology and Spiritual Psychology from Annamalai University and Hansraj College and Delhi School of Economics are her alma mater in commerce with respect to grad and post-grad too. She’s also the winner of KBC season 11. She’s an artist and Yoga therapist.