Computer Programmer

The process of building and designing an executable computer program for an accomplishment of a particular task is called Computer Programming.

Career Options

  • - - Software application developer - Web developer - Database administrator - Computer network architect - Computer systems analyst - Business intelligence analyst - Network system administrator - Computer programmer

Educational Qualifications

  • Minimum qualification- 10+2

Personal Skills

  • - Critical thinking - Active Learning - Reading Comprehension - Learning Strategies - Active Listening - Technology Design - Operations Analysis - Troubleshooting - Coordination - Good communication skills

Courses to be pursued

  • - Bachelors in Computer Science - Masters in Computer Science - Certificate or associate's degree with considerable work experience - Programming certification sometimes required

Top Colleges

  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science Address: VidyaVihar Campus, street number 41, Pilani, Rajasthan 333031 Phone: 1596515506 Website:

Working Conditions

Computer programmers work 40 hours a week and spend most of their time in office with computer terminals.

Top Companies

  • HCL Technologies Ltd. Address: HCL Technologies Ltd. Technology Hub, SEZ, Plot No. 3A, Sector 126, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304 Phone: 18601800425 Website: