Cost Accountant

The task of a Cost Accountant is to collect, organize and analyze internal and financial information for evaluating, critical analyses and regulating past and present financial performance and for making projections for the future. They also monitor costs of raw materials, labor, transportation, administrative costs etc in an industry.

Career Options

  • - - Management of Public sector enterprises - Management of private sector enterprises - All India Cost Accounts Service - Teaching - Consultancy - Independent practice

Educational Qualifications

  • - Minimum Qualification 10+2 - Commerce Background

Personal Skills

  • - Analytical mind - An eye for detail - Responsibility - Good business judgment - Team player - Commitment and resilience

Courses to be pursued

  • - Commerce Background - Certified Financial Planner - Bachelor’s degree in accounting - Voluntary certification

Top Colleges

  • com/career/institutes/details_colleges_Institutes.asp?inst_no=20454

Working Conditions

The cost accountant generally works in an office environment but sometimes it has to be familiar with all production operations. They also have to visit all significant company operations.

Top Companies

  • Reliance Industry Address: 103/106, Naroda Industrial Estate, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone: 01123710072 website: