Dance Therapist

Dance therapy is also known as movement therapy. This therapy provides emotional and physical support for clients and individuals. A professional dance therapist helps the clients in improving their total health and wellness through dance and movement.

Career Options

  • - - DMT (R_DMT) - Board-certified DMT (BC-DMT) - Teacher and supervisor of the practitioners

Educational Qualifications

  • Minimum education required is 10+2

Personal Skills

  • - Compassion - Patience - Empathy

Courses to be pursued

  • - Graduate level studies including extensive study in dance training - Master's in psychology
  • social work
  • special education or a related field

Top Colleges

  • Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts Address: 11th Floor, Vishwabhavan Building, Symbiosis Campus Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, Maharashtra Phone: +91 20 - 39116226 Website:

Working Conditions

- Dance therapist have to work in different environments such as a medical facility centre, rehabilitation centre, drug treatment facility, or counselling and crisis centre. - Some may also work in schools, alternative healthcare facilities, wellness community centres or private dance studios and practices. - Some of them may also work as freelancers or work on call or provide private counselling sessions to clients.

Top Companies

  • Creative Movement Therapy Association of India Address: 50/8, 1st Floor, Tolstoy Lane, Janpath, Delhi 110085 Phone: 097739 05280 Website: