Dietitian or Dietician is someone who is an expert in human nutrition and diet regulations. A dietician is the person who prescribes or regulates intake of food or certain food depending upon the medical or physical condition of a person’s body. Dietetics is a part of healthcare and hence Dietitians are qualified healthcare professionals who have valid licenses to asses, diagnose and prescribe to treat human nutritional problems. Dietitians don’t just assess sick people but they also help people adhere to healthy eating practices.

Career Options

  • - - Food and Nutrition Management - Public Health Nutrition - Education and Research - Consultant/Private Practice - Related Health Professionals Business and Industry - Media

Educational Qualifications

  • 10+ 2 preferably in Science Stream with 70% marks

Personal Skills

  • - Strong verbal and written communication skills - Excellent skills to promote healthy eating - Organizational skills - Research Translation

Courses to be pursued

  • - Apart from the top Medical colleges there are many other colleges offering courses in Nutrition and Dietetics. - A.I.I.H.P.H. Examination or All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health - I.G.N.O.U. Master of Science in Dietetics and Food Service Management Nutritional Biochemistry Examination - M.Sc. in Dietetics Entrance Examination of Annamalai University - Master of Science in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition Entrance Examination of Manipal University - Master of Science in Dietetics Entrance Examination of University of Kerala - M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management Entrance Examination of Mangalore University - S.N.D.T. Women’s University Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics Entrance Examination - University of Mumbai Master of Science in Dietetics Entrance Examination

Top Colleges

  • Christian Medical College Address: Ida Scudder Road,Vellore Tamil Nadu 632004 Phone: 0416-2281000, 3070000 Website:

Working Conditions

A dietitian assists people, facing problems like obesity, diabetes, mental disorders, increased cholesterol level, arthritis etc. Also, to look after a patient’s dietary requirements, nutritional counselor’s primary job duties may include physical assessment by examining body mass index, height and weight. Other job responsibilities performed by a dietitian include community assessment, suggesting remedial procedures, implementing food service policies in clinical departments and food manufacturing organizations.

Top Companies

  • IDK Healthcare Pvt Ltd Address: #425 DLF Tower B, Jasola District Center, Delhi 110025 Phone: 011 4167 2515 Website: