Marketing is a broad field that comprises of many facets and activities. There are numerous opportunities in marketing. The common denominator of the opportunities in marketing is the sense of ownership over product or service. Marketing is to understand the customer’s needs and desires and thereafter translating these needs as marketing strategy.

Career Options

  • - - Market Research - Brand Management - Advertising - Promotions - Public Relations

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business field

Personal Skills

  • - Communication skills - Analytical - Good at Social Interactions - Leadership - Organizational skills - Connectivity

Courses to be pursued

  • - Bachelor’s degree in commerce field or related fields - Master’s (helpful)

Top Colleges

  • Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi Address: Prof N.D. Kapoor Marg, Opp. Kirorimal College, University Enclave, Delhi, 110007 Phone: 011 2766 6382 Website:

Working Conditions

Outdoor and Indoor work. Sharing the office space with other workers. Working hours may be 50-hour week, sometimes even more.

Top Companies

  • Bharti Airtel Address: Bharti Airtel Limited 1 Nelson Mandela Road Phase II New Delhi – India Phone: 91-11-46666100 Website:

Successful Persons

Edmond Locard

Edmond Locard is known as the 'Sherlock Holmes of France' and was a pioneer in the history of forensics. He was the one who raised the query that everyone leaves a trace and successfully developed a 12-point method to match fingerprints in order to prove who they belonged to. He established the first police lab along with his two other assistants. His studies comprised of medicine but became interested in crimes after working with a criminologist.

Michael Baden

Michael Baden is a world renowned forensic pathologist that is the host of HBO's show Autopsy and is known for his work investigating high-profile cases. He is an MD and also contributes to Fox News network as an expert. For whole one year, he was the chief medical examiner in the New York City. He has also authored 2 of the most famous books on Forensic medicines: Unnatural Death and Dead Reckoning.