Paleontologists is the study a variety of preserved fossils in the rocks that remains to know or learn about past environments and organisms of the earth at different geologic periods. 

Career Options

  • - - Paleontologists - Teacher - Paleontology Professor - Research Specialist - Museum Curator - Prospector - Specialty Environmental Monitor

Educational Qualifications

  • - Education qualification- 10+2

Personal Skills

  • - Determination towards the career - Passion for understanding the history of life on earth - Interested in working in the field - A strong aptitude for the natural sciences - Emotionally stable

Courses to be pursued

  • - Bachelor’s degree in Paleontology - Masters degree in Paleontology - Ph.D in Paleontology

Top Colleges

  • Jadavpur University 188, Raja S.C. Mallick Rd, Kolkata - 70003
  • Phone: +9133-24146666 Website-

Working Conditions

- Paleontologists who engage in fieldwork may have to suffer extreme weather conditions. - Paleontologist may required to travel frequently. - Paleontologists are also employed as a faculty members at universities or research institutes have regular 40-hour weeks which is in a comfortable environment.

Top Companies

  • Geological Survey of India Address: 27, J.L.Nehru Road Kolkata-700016 ,West Bengal, India Phone: (033)22861676 (033)22861661 Website: