Publishing is the process of preparing and issuing books, journals, or any other written material. Publishers simply serve as the intermediary between the author of the publication and the consumer market. 

Career Options

  • - - Book Editor - Copy Editors - Literary Agents - Literary Scouts - Publicists - Production Editors - Marketers or Copy Writers - Sales positions

Educational Qualifications

  • •Many larger companies prefer a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a related field, like communications, English literature or journalism; however, a combination of relevant work experience and education can be considered equivalent. •Various colleges offer certificate programs in publishing that can range from two-week intensive courses to 15-credit-hour courses. •Master's degree program in publishing would require approximately 40 credit hours. Common coursework includes editing, production, design and marketing.

Personal Skills

  • - Strong communication and computer skills - Meet deadlines - Good vocabulary - Must have a good understanding of effective marketing techniques related to your industry - Must be able to keep abreast of what’s popular in the literary world. - Must be extremely detail oriented. - Must be able to oversee and delegate the work of many different types of specialists - Must be able to recognize promising new opportunities. - Must be computer literate and must be comfortable using basic office applications. - Must have good negotiation skills - Must have excellent communication skills (verbal and written) - Must be able to network and establish professional relationships.

Courses to be pursued

  • - Bachelor’s degree in Writing - Bachelor's Degree in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing - Master's Degree in Writing with a Concentration in Publishing

Top Colleges

  • Hindu College, Delhi Address: University Enclave, Delhi 110007 Contact: 01127667184 Website:

Working Conditions

Working at nights, holidays and weekends is common. Meeting deadlines is one of the primary conditions of employment in this industry. People working in this field may have to work in a very chaotic and stressful environment. The employees may be frequently required to work overtime. For most writers local and long-distance travel is required to perform research.

Top Companies

  • Magna Publishing Co.Ltd. Address: Magna House 100/E Old Prabhadevi Mumbai 400025 Phone: 912267091234 Website: