Talk Show Host

A talk show host is the main presenter and central element of a talk show. He acts as a bridge between the audience/ viewers and the subject matters they are interested in.

Career Options

  • - - Talk show host in T.V - Talk show host in Radio

Educational Qualifications

  • - Talk show hosts can pursue a degree in broadcasting, communications, journalism, or a related major. These programs typically cover research techniques, media writing, reporting, ethics, and communication. - Additional coursework in public speaking, computer science, English, theater, and drama can help students develop the technical and performance qualities relevant to a professional broadcast career.

Personal Skills

  • - Excellent oral and written communication skills - People oriented disposition - Good camera appearance - Knowledge of radio programming software - Good sense of timing - Ability to ask relevant questions

Courses to be pursued

  • - Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism - Bachelor’s degree in communications

Top Colleges

  • Asian College of Journalism Address: 2nd Main Rd Tharamani CIT Campus Taramani Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600113 Phone: 04422542842 Website:

Working Conditions

Radio and television hosts usually work in well-lit, air-conditioned, soundproof studios. Some radio DJs can produce and record their shows while working from home. The pressure of deadlines and tight work schedules can be stressful. Although most hosts work full time, many work part time. Many radio and television stations are on air 24 hours a day. Some hosts present early morning shows, when most people are getting ready for work or commuting. Others do late-night programs. Some hosts have to work weekends or on holidays. The shifts, however, are not as varied as in the past. More stations are recording shows during the day, eliminating the need to have a host work overnight hours.

Top Companies

  • Television Eighteen India Ltd Address: Express Trade Tower Plot No. 15-16 Sector-16A Noida 201301 Uttar Pradesh Phone: +911204341818 Website: