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Forget your Troubles & Dance

Forget your Troubles & Dance

Anubha Das

24 Oct, 2016

Once you lace up your shoes, there is nothing like the becoming one with the music. Everything else fades away when the music begins. Dance can be better described as to find you and lose yourself at the same moment.

When a student choose dance as a career, he/she should have knowledge about the limited number of available jobs. Another inevitable and unpleasant aspect of being a dancer is the always prevalent risk of injury, as it is very physically demanding, taxing and challenging.

Working hours can also be highly irregular. It means long days of rehearsal followed by demanding shows in the evenings. The flexibility to travel, sometimes over long distances, is also required by one who is aspiring to be a dancer.

It is important to make clear that no dancer ever became successful by their talents alone. Dancers are not just artists but extreme athletes as well. Natural ability and learned talent will only get you so far.

In this generation we have a lot of people with similar kind of dreams and life has always been a race, so a dancer must work hard, be focused & persevere. The pleasure of performing on stage professionally is a privilege for a select few possessing many extraordinary qualities.

Happy feet are truly good for the mind, body & soul.


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