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What Exactly Is A Mathematics Researcher

What Exactly Is A Mathematics Researcher

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18 Jan, 2019

If you are passionate about mathematics and eager to help develop them further to tackle the unsolved real-life complex problems in the most exciting domains of human activity like Aerospace, Energy, Medicine, Intelligent Systems, Global Organization Strategy, etc.

The work of a Mathematics Researcher is different but it is involved in proving deep and abstract theorems, developing mathematical illustrations to clarify or predict real phenomena and applying mathematical principles to spot trends in collected data sets.

Applied analysis may contribute to the development of any commercial product or develop intelligence concerning business trends.

One can undertake mathematics research into a wide range of pure and applied mathematics, including:




Differential equations

Dynamic systems

Geometry and topology

Fluid mechanics

Mathematical biology

Numerical analysis

Carrier for a Mathematics Researcher

For those that have a head for figures, following employment associated with arithmetic will add up to an appreciated and remunerative career. Whether or not they use mathematics to resolve business issues or facilitate a person to make investments that may fund their retirement, students who love arithmetic can use their degrees extensively when their graduation is over. This article offers info regarding many arithmetic careers, together with what these jobs entail, growth and earning potential.

The demand for mathematics researcher has grown exponentially in a number of careers and so has the interest in these jobs. According to the Mathematical Association of America, this profession is becoming increasingly attractive. In fact, actuary, mathematician and statistician jobs are among the most promising career paths based on their growth outlook, income levels and low-stress work environments.

This is the golden age as so much job opportunities are present for Master’s and Ph.D. degree holders in arithmetic. Those who are much more inclined towards a career in research there are several positions out there in research institutions and universities. And those that would like to pursue a teaching career; well-paying teaching positions are out there in masses in private schools. And for those who are really willing to use arithmetic to solve sensible issues, there has been a dramatic amendment within the job scene over the past few years. 

Many research labs of multinational companies, financial services companies and others are aggressively recruiting Indian mathematicians. The salaries offered to the mathematician are much better than those offered to the IT graduates. Students who are well trained in pure arithmetic are actively recruited by these industries as almost all branches of mathematics are useful to them. 

Types of a research scientist (Mathematics)

You can work in a range of fields as a research mathematician. Common employers include private or government commercial manufacturing companies, research laboratories and universities. The role varies depending on your area of employment. For example:

A mathematician in commercial organizations helps to develop new products and provide an insight into the business performance. You may be allocated specific projects or you could be involved in all stages of the product, from concept to customer.

In academic and research organizations, researchers undertake projects to develop the understanding of particular areas of mathematics. There are very few pure research posts and you are likely to have additional teaching responsibilities.

Job Outlook

Employment of mathematicians is estimated to grow 23 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all other occupations. As Mathematics Researcher is a small occupation, the growth will result in only about 800 new jobs over the 10 year period.

But as we can see in today’s digital era the amount of digitally stored data or information will increase as more and more people and companies are conducting businesses online and are using social media, smart phones and other devices for growing their business. As a result, most of the businesses will increasingly need mathematicians to analyze a large amount of data and information collected. Analyses will help companies to improve their business processes, design and develop new products and even advertise products effectively to potential customers. 

Mathematicians will be required to assist info security analysts and make data-security systems to shield the confidentiality and private information of people.

Job Prospects

Because Mathematicians occupation is less and there are few mathematician positions, strong competition for jobs is expected. As there is the strong competition for these positions, many candidates having a background in advanced mathematical techniques will find positions in other closely related fields. 

Those with a graduate degree in mathematics, a background in a related discipline, such as business, computer science, or statistics, and very strong quantitative and data analysis skills, should have the best job prospects. Computer programming skills are also very important to most of the employers.


As a research mathematician you will typically need to:

Identify the best solutions by learning and applying new methods

They have to be updated with new mathematical developments

Use specialist mathematical software or software languages to develop programs to perform mathematical functions

They have to sometimes represent or attend the meetings and conferences at national and international level 

Meet with the involved clients throughout projects to discuss ideas and results

Advice clients on how to benefit from mathematical analysis

Manage a research team or a group of research students

Produce customized solutions to business problems using innovative and existing methods

Provide more sophisticated insights into available data

Also, share the implications of new research by producing regular reports on the development of the work as well as writing original papers

You will find research mathematician positions in:

Research councils and institutions

Government departments

Private research laboratories

Manufacturing companies


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By: Aishwarya Sharma

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