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06 Apr 2022
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Easy Steps To Draw Human Figure Sketch

When it comes to learning how to draw human figure sketch, start with the basics and take baby steps to the perfection. And what is simpler than drawing armatures? They are almost like glorified stick figures! When you stop worrying about getting the proportions of the hands and legs just right or making sure your eyes are the same size and align perfectly, you can focus more on the basic idea of the body — where things go, how they work together, how they move. In starting this way, you can take your time, slowly working to enhance your figure drawing skills.

Join our creative thinking webinar and learn the easy steps to draw a human figure sketch with the guidance of our expert.


Tapan Biswas

Tapan Biswas Artist And Art Teacher

Tapan Biswas is a Owner and Teacher of Tapan's Fine Arts Academy, New Delhi. He has expertise in Sketching and Realistic Painting in All Art Mediums.
He started Tapan's Fine Arts Academy in 2016 and has been preparing students for BFA and MFA Entrance Examination for all best colleges of India with 90% Successful Admission Result.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Learn the basics of sketching 
  • Students will get to learn the easy steps to draw a human figure sketch 
  • Get to know how you can polish your sketching skills 
  • Opportunity to directly ask question to the mentor

Summary Of Webinar