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27 Apr 2020
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Easy Workout at Home Through Dance

Sometimes everything is going good in our life. We can hear the noise of playing children, we found our favorite food and sometimes we found ourselves doing success in our life. But sometimes few obstacles come in our life and we have to face them, it can be anything and COVID 19 is one of the best examples. For these obstacles, we have to prepare proactively. But how?

When we woke up, first we go to the restroom as its part of our daily routine that we need to follow, just like this, we have to make our habit better and better. We focus on our beauty so why not we are not focusing on our health?  By doing regular fitness activity we can improve our body to be healthy and be fit.


Mr. Shubham Sarkar

Mr. Shubham Sarkar Fitness dance

Mr. Shubham Sarkar is a Dancer and Fitness trainer by passion and profession. He took many classes from the last 4 years. Many people were not fit even they can’t run properly but after taking his class for more than 2 months they started improving their physical and mental strength very much.

As we all are aware of the different forms of dance i.e. classical, hip- hop, salsa and so many. He is a specialized trainer of Bollywood dance, locking, popping and freestyle dance. Mr. Shubham also has experience in training actors and many artists.

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