Effective Communication Skills For Teachers

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13 Apr 2022
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Effective Communication Skills For Teachers

Teaching includes listening, speaking, reading, presenting and writing. Teachers who hone their communication skills are prepared to instruct, advise and mentor students entrusted in their care.

The art of teaching is all about conveying information and imparting knowledge in an engaging manner. A teacher needs to be adept at communicating with students and parents, both.

Join this teacher workshop and learn the techniques of effective communication by an expert, brought to you by FairGaze in association with SuperTeacher Academy.


Ms Madiha Ahmed

Ms Madiha Ahmed Teacher, Edupreneur And Socio Cognitive Development Specialist

Miss Madiha Ahmed is an edupreneur, socio cognitive development specialist, neuroscience expert and a teacher trainer with over 10 years of experience.She speaks at various conferences and has been a TEDx speaker on multiple occasions.
She has worked on projects on better learning, parenting and emotional intelligence for products like Horlicks and Cello.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Teachers will get to learn about communications with students and parents
  • Learn Techniques for delivering communication (verbal and non-verbal) and structuring communication
  • Improve teaching skills and learning outcomes of students
  • Learn how to give constructive feedback in both verbal and non verbal communication
  • Get a participation certificate

Summary Of Webinar