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31 Jan 2024
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Fundamentals of Design Thinking

What is the most challenging thing or question you face in your professional or personal life when you are stuck at a complex problem? Is it, “Are you thinking outside the box?” Well, if the answer to it is “Yes”, then Design thinking is your solution. For Design thinking, there is nothing inside the box, there is nothing outside the box, actually there is No BOX! Yes, that’s correct, Design Thinking is one of the most open-ended yet constructive framework which holds the power to solve any problem in the world, no matter how complex or perennial it is.

Join us for a process for innovation that includes concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation, with continuous iterations.


Manas Gupta

Manas Gupta Founder, Design Thinking

Mr. Manas Gupta is a MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur with 10+ years of corporate experience. He also found kids D2C brand named MUMTREE other than that he is also mentor for change @ AIM NITI AAYOG with Six Sigma Black Belt and Design Thinking Certifications.

He also enjoys teaching young kids on how to develop out of the box thinking by use of design thinking and other tools through which they can convert into innovative thoughts in their minds to something tangible and practical.
He also likes to create something new and innovative from scrap things like creating small toys through discarded wood and other materials.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Understand problem from customer’s perspective 
  • Translate need into product or solution
  • Come up with innovative ideas through brainstorming and ideation
  • Build customer journey experience through multiple touchpoints
  • Develop prototype designs & products with continuous feedback & iterations
  • Manage multiple stakeholders through endto-end process

Summary Of Webinar