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14 Jan 2023
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Mandala As an Art Therapy?

The Mandala has a long history and is revered for its profound spiritual significance and portrayal of totality. Mandala is Sanskrit for "circle" or "completion." The inherent significance of the mandala has been attested to by several individuals and cultures. The mandala's stunning beauty has served as a source of significance for Buddhists, Tibetans, and Hindus alike. The use of mandalas in art therapy and healing can be a wonderful way to reflect on one's soul. Mandalas are commonplace. They serve as the framework for our cosmos, our environment, and our cells.

Like with most forms of art therapy, the journey is more important than the outcome. You'll have a depiction of something significant and private when you get there. your mandala serves as a momentary glimpse of who you are.

Making a mandala is healing and significant by its very nature. When you use mandala art therapy, the forms and colours you use will reflect your inner self at the moment of creation. You should be inspired by and guided throughout the artistic process by your instinct and feeling. In the end, the mandala you make will be a portrait of who you are right now. Therefore, whatever feelings or emotions you are experiencing at the time will be reflected in your mandala art therapy.



Vaishali Artist

Vaishali has done her Bachelor's in Computer Science from DU. She is an artist who loves to express thoughts and imaginations through a mandala art form. A self-taught artist and have been inclined towards artwork for a long time where most of them are created out of her imagination. She has featured her artworks on social media which gained a massive response. Apart from making mandala arts, my interest also lies in doodling, string arts, and painting. She is a Mandala expert. Mandala word originated from the Sanskrit word 'Mandal' which means circle, and it represents the universe due to its cyclic shape. It was used as a map in ancient times and recently taken as a guide for meditation and spiritual path.

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  • Effective Healing Power,
  • Helps in the reduction of Negative Thoughts

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