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08 Jul 2020
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Meditate With Mandala Art

Keeping up with this difficult time has been and is the most important thing right now. Protecting the peace of our mind has proven to be needed at these times. We have always heard and it's a kind of a fact established that meditation helps in bringing peace to mind and surrounding. To do this meditation, people work out in various ways that give them pleasure and peace. 

Meditation is not always about sitting at a place closing eyes and trying to concentrate at some imaginary point, but it's about what makes you concentrate enough to look into your ideas. 

MANDALA is for sure one way of doing this. Where not only the procedure but the final picture also helps in meditating the mind and reflecting through your thoughts.



Vaishali Artist

Vaishali has done her Bachelor's in Computer Science from DU. She is an artist who loves to express thoughts and imaginations through a mandala art form. A self-taught artist and have been inclined towards artwork for a long time where most of them are created out of her imagination. She has featured her artworks on social media which gained a massive response. Apart from making mandala arts, my interest also lies in doodling, string arts, and painting. She is a Mandala expert. Mandala word originated from the Sanskrit word 'Mandal' which means circle, and it represents the universe due to its cyclic shape. It was used as a map in ancient times and recently taken as a guide for meditation and spiritual path.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Meditation Alternative- Numerous individuals might want to adjust their psyche and body by reflection or joining yoga classes. Mental examinations show that shading mandalas have a similar impact as that of contemplation. The shapes and examples of mandala plans require profound commitment while shading. Shading mandalas would assist you with disengaging from the sentiments of nervousness and secure positive musings.
  • Extraordinary Stress Reliever - Everybody is juggling different tasks – overseeing employment and family, work pressure, strains, money related concerns, and so on. All things considered; our emotional wellness ought not to be overlooked. One specific movement that brings alleviation from the depletion of every one of your calendars is mandala shading. As mandalas require mindfulness, smoothness to shading the roundabout examples, they can help in improved fixation. This profound commitment in shading gives you the experience of pressure help and decreased uneasiness.
  • Mandalas have been recognized by psychology as a therapeutic tool - The Swiss therapist Carl Jung said they're similar to portrayals of our psyche. He thought they made it simpler for us to focus on, change, and disguise oblivious things in us. He likewise said that we anticipate what we think and feel into mandalas. 
  • Improves memory - There are likewise numerous various parts of brain research that have discussed their advantages. Transpersonal brain research considers mandalas to be a sort of activity for profound association. Psychological and social brain science consider it to be a device to improve things like memory, consideration, observation, and visuomotor coordination. 
  • Mandala as a therapy - There are some different settings where individuals use mandalas, as well. For instance, individuals use them in word related treatment in light of the fact that the subjective incitement assists individuals with doing their day by day exercises. Individuals likewise use them in instructive settings to assist understudies with fixation, consideration, and control.

Summary Of Webinar