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26 Jan 2022
04:00 PM

About this webinar


The craft of folding objects out of a mare paper that’s what we define as Origami. The most simplistic and yet most interesting fact about this is that it just requires a paper, creativity and imagination to turn a plain paper into a masterpiece.

Sculpturing basic techniques can be used in a variety of ways to make intricate designs. The craft not only leads to the formation of beautiful objects but it helps one attain peace of mind and get rid of stress. Learn the making of basic objects with paper, like butterflies, stars, bookmarks and many other things.

Join this webinar which is in association with Ri8brain, a Toonz media group initiative to learn the essential and fundamental techniques of origami. 

Materials Required: 

  • Origami paper/ A4 paper, 
  • Marker (Optional


Anaida Stanley

Anaida Stanley Animator and Graphic Designer

Anaida Stanley is a fresh new face in the Animation world as well as a motivational speaker. The Animator and Graphic Designer has 2 years of experience under her belt, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Animation. She is also the recipient of several prestigious national awards: the Eastern Bhoomika Award 2020 for Inspiring Women, the Inspire award by PINC Foundation and the APJ Abdul Kalam Star Cartoonist Award (special award) by Toonz Academy and Kerala Cartoon Academy. Anaida’s fresh approach to the arts will give her students a more contemporary and relatable perspective to the field. 

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Introduction to the world of origami
  • Chance to learn the basic skills of the craft.
  • Learning with fun- making butterflies, stars and many more.
  • Opportunity to ask direct questions to the mentor.


Summary Of Webinar