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28 Jul 2021
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Starting Your Music Journey

Have a knack for music, love to play guitar, piano, and sing but don't know how to start your career in the music industry?

Then this webinar is for you. You will learn a lot about music and how you can start your journey into the melodious and lyrical world of music. Also, we can learn all the musical things like singing, playing instruments, etc. but how you can enter the music industry no one tells you. So what are you waiting for?

Attend this start and register now to learn how to start your musical journey with this webinar.


Mr. Parth Kamboj

Mr. Parth Kamboj Music Trainer & Producer

Mr. Parth Kmaboj is a young enthusiast who teaches music in a fun yet effective manner. He gives a lot of importance to the basic methods of training. He makes sure to rectify the smallest of mistakes, students make while learning and counsels them in every possible way. He also works on customized courses for students with unique abilities, or specific requirements, e.g. being able to sing and play an instrument at the same time. Additionally, he has produced many music videos on youtube on his channel and for other channels also.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Understanding everything about ‘starting your musical journey.
  • How ‘starting your music journey’ can help you a lot in your music career.
  • Interact and engage with the mentor directly to get to know about his experience.
  • Feel more connected and confident through this session by getting to know a lot of new and relevant things. 

Summary Of Webinar