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23 Nov 2022
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Vedic Math & Its Importance In Students Life

Vedic mathematics is a body of techniques and sutras for quickly and efficiently resolving mathematical equations. It is made up of 16 Sutras (Formulae) and 13 Sub-Sutras (Sub Formulae), and it can be used to solve issues in geometry, calculus, algebra, and conic sections.

In the years between AD 1911 and 1918, Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji established a system of mathematics known as Vedic Mathematics. Tirthaji Maharaj later published his research in a book titled Vedic Mathematics. The Sanskrit term "Veda" means "Knowledge."

Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to solve problems using standard mathematical procedures. However, numerical computations can be made using Vedic Mathematics' General Techniques (applicable to all sets of supplied data) and Specific Techniques (applied to particular groups of given data), numerical calculations can be done very fast.

Mathematical enthusiasts frequently have queries. What are the and what is Vedic Mathematics? Sutras and Methods of Vedic Mathematics. But when they attempt to go through the Vedic Mathematics books, they become perplexed by some of the approaches and concepts and turn to the internet for clarification.

In this upcoming webinar, with our mentor, you will learn about Vedic Maths more deeply.


Ganesh Ulhalkar

Ganesh Ulhalkar Art & Craft

Mr Ganesh is working on developing painting styles for IB Visual Arts students. His step-by-step method of teaching conceptual art helps students to understand and simplify complicated art forms. He believes motivation and continuous mentoring help students gain awesome results. He always tries to understand the world of visualization created by budding artists, and then continuously guide them in research to put it on paper and canvas. Currently, He is working for , S.M Shetty International school, Powai (IGCSE) as a Art and Design Teacher who is teaching Checkpoint, IGCSE and A Level students, since June 2019.

Benefits Of Webinar

  1. It enables faster calculation as compared to the usual method,
  2. It helps improve the creativity and intelligence of quick learners,
  3. It promotes mental math.
  4. Vedic math improves the spiritual side of the child's personality,

Summary Of Webinar