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24 Jan 2024
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Essential Global Career Skills

The world is fast moving towards AI (Artificial Intelligence) involvement in almost every aspect of our lives. Many currently-in-demand skilled occupations and lucrative career options could soon become redundant over the next decade.

The future generations will need skills which could help them to defy the impact of AI in their careers. They will need skills to be able to adapt and resurge when their careers are threatened by AI. The smart way would be to use AI and bots as productivity enhancing tools, as opposed to complete replacements.

The future decades will need global citizens who can break the chains of traditional careers and move into the concept of transitional careers – where one could instil and foster a few different career options during the 40 odd years of their adult lifetime.

The skills needed by the future generations would be constantly evolving, with the only constant factor being change. They will need excellent communication skills in English, ability to learn using non-traditional teaching styles, a good professional network, diversity-based integration, cross-cultural communication, cultivating life skills, and shock-proof themselves from the global attack from AI and bots on their careers.

What to study after completing secondary education will become an evolving challenge. The parents will not always be able to guide their children since they might not foresee the unknown challenges they could face in the future. The decision is not anymore between becoming a doctor, or engineer, or lawyer, or teacher, or healthcare specialist, or an ICT professional. It is about being able to accept that each person will need to constantly adapt and work across different industry verticals and careers in their adult lifetime.

We would like to invite all young students out there who are about to complete their secondary education during the next 3 months to 2 years’ time to understand how to build a global career and become successful global citizens.


Christie John

Christie John Licensed Immigration Advisor

Christie is the Founder Director of Immigranz Global Ltd and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a Licensed Immigration Advisor (LIA) for New Zealand and a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) for Australia with 15 years’ experience in the immigration industry.

He has a total of 30+ years’ experience in Immigration Law, Contact Centres, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Astrophysics, and Tourism in New Zealand, Australia, and India.

Elina Geselev

Elina Geselev Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Elina is a Director of Immigranz Global Ltd and lives in Vancouver, Canada. She is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) for Canada for the past 15+ years. She was born in Europe and migrated to Canada.

Madalina Phillips

Madalina Phillips Registered Migration Agent

Madalina is a Director of Immigranz Global Ltd and lives in Brisbane, Australia. She is a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) for Australia for the past 15+ years. She was born in Europe and migrated to Australia.

Benefits Of Webinar

• Students will get to understand the concept of global career and global citizens.
• The need for a global career will be discussed in the context of higher education.
• Students will get to learn about different skilled occupations and related study.
• Students will get to understand the perspectives of mentors from different Western countries with different backgrounds.
• Opportunity to get direct answers to the questions from the speakers/mentors.

Summary Of Webinar

The FairGaze-hosted webinar addressed the common aspirations of living, studying, or working abroad and the challenges associated with immigration. Speakers Mr. Christie John, Ms. Elina Geselev, and Ms. Madina Phillips from Immigranz Global Ltd. provided insights and solutions to students' doubts regarding immigration processes. Their expertise shed light on navigating documentation procedures and understanding the career opportunities and challenges involved in settling in a new nation. The session concluded with a Q&A segment where students had their queries addressed, making the webinar a valuable resource for those contemplating a move to a foreign country.