FairGaze MUN Training Session

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21 Jul 2022
05:00 PM

About this webinar

FairGaze MUN Training Session

Model United Nations- a plethora of 193 countries debating and deliberating on current situations that are going on in the world. Hence, students have a fear of how can they present themselves or get an opportunity further. So, to overcome these fears, FairGaze and UNIC have taken an initiative to make students understand each and every way to tackle their problems.

Taking another step forward to FREE BASIC TRAINING SESSION which will be conducted on July 21st, 2022 at 5:00 P.M. sharp. It will be an interacting session wherein students will be made to understand the rules of procedures of a MUN.

It will also make you clear about the different terminologies of a MUN and how to make your position papers smartly.


Ananya Sahoo

Ananya Sahoo MUN Trainer

Ananya Sahoo enjoys researching intriguing topics, listening to philosophical podcasts/ reviews and having productive discussions. In MUNs, We can teach ourselves to understand the world’s problems and come up with long withstanding solutions. Apart from MUNS, she enjoys listening to music (especially instrumentals), anime, webcomics, reading books (fantasy, crime thrillers etc), and enjoying the occasional swimming or dance. She would like MUNS to be a safe space where students discover and harness the power their voice possesses. She's an experienced debater with more than 18 MUNs attended.

Benefits Of Webinar

1. Students will be made to understand how a MUN Committee works.
2. How to research and what are the valid sources to research.
3. How to speak confidently even in situations you don't know what to speak.
4. How to frame a Position Paper
5. How to lobby and make other delegates in favor of yours.

Summary Of Webinar