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09 Dec 2023
11:00 AM

About this webinar

"Navigating Your Path: Career Counselling for Students

"Navigating Your Path: Career Counseling for Students" is a vital resource for young individuals seeking guidance in charting their professional journey. This comprehensive guide offers insights into understanding one's interests, strengths, and aspirations, enabling students to make informed decisions about their future careers. It provides tips on exploring various career options, setting realistic goals, and crafting effective action plans. In addition, "Exam Preparation Dos and Don'ts" offers indispensable advice on optimizing study strategies, managing stress, and avoiding common pitfalls when preparing for exams. Together, these invaluable resources empower students to navigate the intricate path of career planning and exam preparation with confidence and success.

We'd like to welcome you to our forthcoming webinar, "Navigating Your Path: Career Counselling for Students and Exam Preparation Dos and Don'ts." This informative seminar aims to provide students with useful advice on selecting the proper career choice and learning the art of successful test preparation.


Ms Manpreet Kaur Sodhi

Ms Manpreet Kaur Sodhi Counselling Psychologist

Ms Manpreet Kaur Sodhi is currenlty working as a Counselling Psychologist (School Counsellor) in Jammu Sanskriti School. She has done M.A in Psychology and PGD in counselling Psychology. She is expertise in: Students/ Adolescent, Parenting Issues, Counselling, Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Understanding the importance of career counselling for students.
  • Exploring various career options and fields of study.
  • Identifying your strengths, interests, and goals.
  • Time management techniques for effective study sessions.
  • Tips for managing exam stress and anxiety.

Summary Of Webinar