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05 Mar 2022
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Paper Quilling Art

Paper quilling is a creative art form, which uses long thin strips of paper, rolling and pinching them into different shapes, things and then sticking the shapes on a base to form decorative art. Paper quilling is used to in school projects, decoring things like boxes and photo frames, making greeting cards etc. Its an art style which is pocket friendly as well as environment friendly.

It is taught to children at young age, to engage them in creative activities, to develop concentration, to learn hand-eye coordination, generate motor skills and cognitive skills. Its a fun and cheap pastime for children as well as bored adults.

Join our future life skills session and learn about the art of paper quilling from an expert.

Material Required : Colored pastel sheets, scissors, glue


Ruksana Parveen

Ruksana Parveen Artist

Ruksana Parveen is a science graduate but she always found herself indulging in various art forms such as canvas painting, sketching, art n craft, etc. She is a self-taught artist based in New Delhi and also runs an art page on Instagram with the handle "". Her thought is always reflected in her art forms. She believes that art and craft are a really creative way to channel one's inner desire and thoughts. She has worked with school children teaching watercolors, object sketching, and painting with acrylic colors. She can conduct art sessions with learners for teaching art and craft at both beginner and advanced levels. Ruksana considers art therapeutic in nature and aspires to make learners explore their imagination through creative artwork.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Get to know that what is paper quilling art 
  • Learn about the basics of paper quilling 
  • How paper quilling can be used in overall development of a child
  • Get to ask questions directly to the mentor

Summary Of Webinar