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04 May 2024
06:00 PM

About this webinar

Understanding Behavior Changes In Students- For Parents

Host School: JM International School, Greater Noida 

Frequent emotional outbursts in youngsters may indicate that they are still developing the coping mechanisms necessary to manage emotions such as frustration, worry, and rage. Managing intense feelings in a mature, healthy way calls for a range of abilities.

However, frequent misbehavior by a child can disrupt the bond between parents and children, leading to unhealthful dissatisfaction and resentment on a regular basis within the family. This webinar aims to provide additional information about how children learn to govern their behavior and what parents can do to support the process, regardless of whether your child is just beginning to learn about boundaries and self-regulation or if your family has been experiencing difficulties and you need support.

When it comes to handling children that have behavioral issues, parents are frequently thought to be powerless. A special Webinar is scheduled for the parents of JM International School, Greater Noida, due to these growing concerns.


Ms Simran Kaur

Ms Simran Kaur Social Worker, Motivational Speaker

Simran kaur is Motivational speaker and social worker who delivers high- energy keynotes to leverage their focus and helping out to needy people. Professionally, she has worked as counselor in Lovely professional University, Punjab for three years. Simran kaur earned her MBA and founded an NGO that is working in local areas and villages of Punjab for betterment of society.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Learn from parents or guardians to gain a deeper understanding of the needs, strengths, behaviors, and learning styles of your students.
  • Talk about intervention or enrichment tactics to help pupils learn.
  • talk about problems that might be preventing pupils from learning and developing 

Summary Of Webinar