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19 Mar 2022
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Visual Storytelling Based On Indian Dance

Visual storytelling has been used to educate, engage, and motivate audiences for centuries. According to a definition, Visual storytelling involves the use of graphics, images, pictures, and videos to engage with viewers in an effort to drive emotions, engage intercommunication, and motivate an audience to action.

Indian dance and visual storytelling is very interesting concept. One of the main aspects of Indian dance is storytelling and is done with help of hand gestures. In this session Dr. Pranitha Kamat will introduce a few simple hand gestures and encourages the children to use them in storytelling. The session will be highly interactive to kindle the child's creative imaginations

Join our webinar and learn about interesting concept of visual storytelling based on Indian dance.


Dr. Pranitha Kamat

Dr. Pranitha Kamat Bharatanatyam Artiste and Biomedical Scientist

Dr. Pranitha Kamat is a Biomedical Scientist who has researched for the past 7years in affiliation with Universities in Switzerland and the US. Her research focus is on vascular pathologies and has worked on research topics on heart infarction, breast cancer, and transplantation.

Dr. Kamat is also a Bharatanatyam artiste and educator. In 2019 she co-founded Dance Your Science, wherein the Bharatanatyam vocabulary is used to teach children and adults scientific topics. In 2020, she founded Natya Chittra, where she develops concepts and publishes educational books on Indian dance (

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Students will get to know about Indian dance
  • Introduction to hand gestures
  • Students will get to understand about the combination of Storytelling with Indian Dance.
  • This will help to enhance creativity

Summary Of Webinar