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26 Jul 2021
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Assertiveness: An Important Communication Tool

When a person communicates assertively, they overcome their fear of stating their minds or attempting to influence others while respecting others' personal boundaries. People who are assertive are also eager to defend themselves from others who are aggressive. Being an assertive listener entails maintaining good eye contact, refraining from interrupting when the other person is speaking, and reflecting on what has just been said to ensure that the information has been correctly received.

Assertiveness can be learned since it is a communicative tool for effective communication. With the help of this session, learn about the 7 techniques of assertiveness.


Dr Madhumati Singh

Dr Madhumati Singh Ph.D, Child Psychologist

For a holistic approach to child welfare, Dr. Madhumati has the difficult job of trying to help young parents interpret the words and actions of their children, and to get insights into their mental, psychological, and skill make-up. The job, she will tell you, requires a bandwidth larger than the one afforded by tight-leash training in clinical psychology. Hence in her abundant kit: diagnostic tools from areas as dispersed as homeopathy and others.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Learn the significance of adopting assertiveness in your communication.
  • Know the difference between different kinds of communication styles.
  • Learn to overcome your fear through assertive communication.
  • Students will learn how to become good and active listeners.

Summary Of Webinar