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05 Oct 2020
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Awareness on World Mental Health Day

Many of us must be feeling anxious, sad, calm, confused, bored, and lonely or all of these during these quarantine days. Open the television or any social media platforms, everywhere it’s flooded with news related to the current crisis of Coronavirus. Although it's important to spread correct information, this has also led to fear and anxiety among many.

 Mental Wellness is one of the most pivotal aspects of individual health and FairGaze has is organizing a Mental Wellness Day Campaign with #LetsOpenUp to create awareness on Mental Wellness through a webinar. This webinar aims to reduce stigmatizing attitudes and beliefs by promoting a comprehensive understanding of mental health, the importance of self-care, and treatment-seeking behaviors.

 Mental Health and recovery are dependent on an individual’s ability to recognize and manage where they are on the continuum between wellness and illness. Education, wellness sessions, and early intervention promote mental wellness.


Dr Madhumati Singh

Dr Madhumati Singh Ph.D, Child Psychologist

For a holistic approach to child welfare, Dr. Madhumati has the difficult job of trying to help young parents interpret the words and actions of their children, and to get insights into their mental, psychological, and skill make-up. The job, she will tell you, requires a bandwidth larger than the one afforded by tight-leash training in clinical psychology. Hence in her abundant kit: diagnostic tools from areas as dispersed as homeopathy and others.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • This webinar aims to resolve the stress, as everyone has to deal with varying levels of stress.
  • The core of this wellness program is behavior change. With the right information, education, skills, and motivation support people in developing positive behaviors.
  • The session will help people to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle and behaviors.
  • The session also discusses health risks, drugs, suicides, etc.
  • A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, keeping this in mind, the program focuses to improve mental productivity.


Summary Of Webinar