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25 Oct 2021
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Healthy Friendships & Setting Boundaries

Healthy friendships and setting boundaries are something that we all need in our lives. As said by a renowned therapist, "Boundary-setting is massively important in relationships." Hence, it amplifies the importance that when it comes to friendships, even if you think that they will support you, boundaries need to be set or applied.

Just like with any relationship, boundaries in friendships help both people keep their relationship healthy and intact. Once it feels off-balance to either person, it may unravel. And an unraveled relationship will hurt both the people involved, and not only them, but the people around them also.

So, join this webinar on ‘healthy friendships and boundaries’ to learn what needs to be done to have a long and good relationship with friends. It is very important to keep boundaries because they help us to not tolerate anything that we do not believe in. Even with friends, likes, dislikes, comfort should be respected. Open communication is a very important key to set boundaries in any relationship. This communication should be very clear and consistent. Join this webinar to understand more about fostering a healthy friendship that respects the boundaries of all the people involved.


Dr. Rupam Verma

Dr. Rupam Verma Yoga Instructor

Benefits Of Webinar

1. Get to learn why healthy boundaries are important in friendships.

2. Identify how you can communicate your boundaries in a clear and consistent manner to your friends.

3. Get a chance to learn and implement these insight tips with your friends to maintain healthier relationships.

4. Engage and interact directly with the mentor and ask your questions.

Summary Of Webinar