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25 May 2024
09:00 AM

About this webinar

Personality Development For Teachers_JM International School

Welcome to Fairgaze, where we recognize that educators are essential in molding the thoughts and lives of their pupils. Teachers must constantly grow as individuals in order to inspire and connect with their pupils in this dynamic and ever-changing educational environment. With the help of our Personality Development for Teachers program, educators will gain the abilities and self-assurance necessary to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Personality development is the whole person's development; it goes beyond improving one's appearance or communication abilities. For educators, this development results in improved student engagement, better classroom management, and a deeper influence on the lives of their pupils. Important topics like leadership abilities, stress management, emotional intelligence, and effective communication are the main emphasis of our curriculum. Teachers can foster a more happy and effective learning environment by honing these qualities.

At Fairgaze, we consider personal growth to be an ongoing process. Teachers in our program are encouraged to have a growth mindset and actively seek out new possibilities for learning and personal development. Teachers may ensure that their pupils receive the greatest education possible by adopting new ideas and approaches and staying up to date with best practices and educational trends.

Come experience a life-changing journey of personal growth with us at Fairgaze. By working together, we can build a learning environment that is stimulating and empowering, improving the future for both teachers and students. By supporting our teachers' professional development now, we can cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.


Dr Madhumati Singh

Dr Madhumati Singh Ph.D, Child Psychologist

For a holistic approach to child welfare, Dr. Madhumati has the difficult job of trying to help young parents interpret the words and actions of their children, and to get insights into their mental, psychological, and skill make-up. The job, she will tell you, requires a bandwidth larger than the one afforded by tight-leash training in clinical psychology. Hence in her abundant kit: diagnostic tools from areas as dispersed as homeopathy and others.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Set Clear Objectives
  • Help you develop a personal future vision,
  • identify your areas of passion, and
  • learn how to overcome setbacks with courage and a positive outlook.

Summary Of Webinar