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19 Jul 2021
04:00 PM

About this webinar


Self care in this tough time has become a very essential practice. With so much going on outside the world, everyone is locked inside their homes. Here arises a great need to prioritize your mind and body before taking on the whole world of work and academics.
Self-care is the individual practice of health management without the aid of a medical professional. In health care, self-care is any human regulatory function that is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated, for the aim of the upkeep of health and wellbeing.

In this webinar, our mentor will focus on a few daily practices that can be inculcated in everybody’s hectic and busy schedule to take care of themselves. This session shall also discuss healthy eating and healthy living which is great for self-care. Students thought this interactive session will surely learn more about prioritizing the self and the basic needs of  good health and well-being.


Ms. Mansi Thakur

Ms. Mansi Thakur Special Educator

Ms. Mansi has pursued her D.ed in SE(CP) (Special Education In Cerebral Palsy) from Ashtavakra Institute of Rehabilitation Science and Research. She is currently getting her training from the Ashtavakra Institute of Rehabilitation Science and Research.

Her passion in teaching and her helping nature motivates her to help the children who are facing Neurological Disabilities.

Benefits Of Webinar

Attend this webinar to:

  • Get hands on few tips and tricks of everyday self-care
  • Learn the important of making yourself a priority each day
  • Understand in simple steps how self care can be practiced in the little things from waking up to going back to sleep.
  • Get to know about the main areas of self-care like physical, psychological, emotional, social, professional, environmental, spiritual, and financial.

Summary Of Webinar