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06 Sep 2021
04:00 PM

About this webinar

Stress Management and Dealing with Procastination

We commonly use the word 'stress' to describe our unpleasant feelings. When stressed, we are reacting to a change. It often happens. Your level of stress affects what you do. When distracted by stress, you are likely to put more things off and suffer from procrastination. However, that both interplay. This is where you feel stressed, put things off, and then feel stressed thinking about what you’ve left undone.

As you do this, you leave more things undone and feel overwhelmed. This is a classic vicious cycle, with no end unless we stop it with our determination. There is one important thing to keep in mind that ‘reducing one helps reduce the other’. Join this webinar, and learn how you can strengthen your willpower to combat these things in your life by taking the reins of your life into your hand.

Through this session, you will learn how to channelise your stress in a way that it does not leave toxic imprints in your life. There are a lot of ways you can deal with stress and the causes of the same. Join this session to learn the Steps.


Niharika Dutta Baruah

Niharika Dutta Baruah Mental Health Counsellor

Niharika Dutta Baruah is currently working as a freelancer. She is a psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist, and also certified counselor. She helped 500+ people with her work. She also provides her online counseling session on her Instagram account. Her instagram I’d is - dutt__niharika. She uploads reels and IGTV videos from time to time based on various 'mental health' topics. She also has a YouTube channel named - Niharika Dutta, where she uploads informative and positive videos about mental health. She is a very positive person and very professional in her field. She has 400 client reviews that reflect her work.  

Benefits Of Webinar

  1. Get to know more about stress and the stressors.
  2. Learn how procrastination is often linked to stress.
  3. Learn the various mechanisms of dealing with stress to avoid procrastination.
  4. Learn about the various signs that you may be under stress.
  5. Understand and learn about the various ways and means to fight this stress.

Summary Of Webinar