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07 Feb 2022
04:00 PM

About this webinar

The Role Of Parents During Exams

Parents always play an important role during exam time of their child. It is one of the crucial phases, when parents can help their kids fight the mounting stress during the exams. The parents can become their strongest and constant support system.

We all understand examinations are a time of huge stress and especially the difficulty in preparation. One essential thing that a parent can do is to be there for the child, particularly during these days. Sometimes it is true that although parents do want to be with the child but due to work or personal commitment it becomes little difficult. With some real help from the side of the parents, kids can achieve great things.

As exam season has almost started, join our webinar and understand how parents can play an integral role and help their kids in best way possible during exams.


Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava Mental-Health Advocate

Ankita Srivastava is a lawyer by profession and alumni of Miranda House and Law Faculty, University of Delhi. She has attended Harvard University to study law. She's a Licensed Zumba Instructor and extremely passionate about fitness. Also, she's a founding member of the Mental Health Initiative ‘Your Story Is Important’ where they conduct dialogues on mental health to create an aware community. Her motivation is to bring revolution in the area of mental health and to create a society where people are free to address mental issues without any stigma attached to it.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Parents will get to understand the role of parents during exams of their child. 
  • They will also get to know how they can support and encourage their child during exams. 
  • How they can take care of routine of the child during exams 
  • Directly ask questions to the mentor.

Summary Of Webinar