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FairGaze a socio-educational ecosystem helps students by nurturing their talent and shapes their career. FairGaze is an online education platform where students can get their answers. The group of experienced mentors in FairGaze assist students in their holistic development. Students can also test their abilities and strengths through effective counseling and guidance. Here students can also pursue their interests further with the complete knowledge of their learning, the mentors and teacher on the portal help them to guide.

How FairGaze help Students?

The company is aimed to nurture every single talent of students. Because we know all children are unique in their individual strength and creativity. The experts believe that creativity and strengths are more skills than inborn talent, and these are skills that parent can develop in their children.
Because creativity is the key to success in nearly everything we do, creativity is a key component for health and happiness and a core skill to practice with children. Many times it happens that parents do not recognize their children’s talent. How many times it happens, when you know your child’s creativity but not aware about how to help the child further that talent. FairGaze facilitates students and children to sell art and craft online in Delhi.
At FairGaze the students get an opportunity to showcase their creativity to the world. Students can exhibit their art piece in the exhibition section where they can write two-three lines to describe the particular art, and then they can sell it at their suggested prices.

Why is creativity important?

If this question comes in your mind, then we have an answer for your curious mind. It has been proved by the scientists that creative people are more flexible and better problem solvers, which makes them more able to adapt to technological advances and deal with change—as well as take advantage of new opportunities. Additionally, creativity is something which is not limited to artistic and musical expression—it is also essential for science, math, and even for social and emotional intelligence.

Art: Form of Self-Expression

It is essential for parents to understand their children’s talent, their strength as well as weakness so that they can become more focused and clear towards their life goals. Many experts believe that creativity in children is the freest form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgment. It has been proved that the ability to be creative, to create something from personal feelings and experiences, can reflect and nurture children's emotional health. The experiences children have during their first years of life can significantly enhance the development of their creativity. The technology advancements have changed the world dramatically and if you have hidden talents, technology allows you to show it to the world.

Definition of creativity for FairGaze

FairGaze works in a systematic way that facilitates students by making an effective bridge between there raw talent and the right mentors. The students can also showcase their creativity like painting and craft, and they can sell their art pieces online in Delhi. FairGaze gives students living in Delhi a golden opportunity to showcase their capabilities.
We believe that every child has some hidden talent that needs to be discovered. Every child can be creative in various fields and this creativity provides them freedom to commit themselves completely to the activity they are doing. What is important in any creative act is the process of self-expression. Creative experiences also help children to express and cope with their feelings.
A child's creative activity can also help teachers to learn more about what the child may be thinking or feeling. Creativity also fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Creative activities help acknowledge and celebrate children's uniqueness.
FairGaze art and craft exhibition section is an initiative for children’s development. FairGaze has provided a platform to those who do not get a chance to show their creativity. Now the students can sell their art and craft online in Delhi with the help of FairGaze.


Reading is one of the basic skills that should be mastered by children and adults in order to succeed in school and life. As soon as a baby begins hearing what is being read to her, she starts enjoying its benefits. It continues into and throughout her childhood.

What are the benefits of reading in children?

Reading expands your child’s vocabulary, and develops her language skills. It improves her reading fluency and understanding. Studies have also proved that early reading skills have a positive influence on your child’s academic performance. The more your child reads, the better she gets at it. So, let her practice reading books. Moreover, the Matthew Effect of reading states that early reading success leads to increased success later on, and contrarily, children who are poor readers find it difficult to catch up. Early reading also helps in building self confidence and independence in children. Reading helps children to understand and comprehend the world around them in a whole new perspective. It helps them sense and relate to the surroundings around them better. Reading also enhances your child’s imagination as they transform the places, things and characters that they read into pictures. Hence it exercises their brains, strengthens their brain connections and builds new connections! It improves their concentration levels. It also helps them become better humans as story reading helps children develop empathy as they start feeling what the character in it feels like. Thus, it provides a fruitful fun and entertainment for children who would otherwise waste their time sitting in front of television and gain nothing in return! Reading widens their knowledge, broadens their outlook and horizons, and makes them intelligent. Further, it helps them improve their writing skills. It improves their grammar, sentence structuring, and communication skills as they unconsciously absorb the information they read. Another very important benefit of reading is that your child recognize and understand important labels and warning signs like “stop”, “danger”, “poison”, etc. This aids in their safety! So, let your children read a lot of books. Purchasing books for children is not at all a trouble these days. You can buy children books just from the very comfort of your home. You can order online books in Delhi and other places in India, and have them delivered right at your doorstep.

What books would kids love to read?

Mostly children love to read classic stories. But there are other books too that fascinate them. Online bookstores have a variety of children’s books like story books, short bed time story books, environmental saving, science fairs, mathematical puzzles, Panchatantra fables, nursery rhymes, history makers, Indian mythological stories, comics, poems, knowledge books, character based story books, illustrated story books, etc.

How to choose books for your child?

Variety is the spices of life. Encourage your child to read a variety of books so that they have a rounded mental, emotional, and psychological development, and knowledge. Get to know what areas appeal more to your child. You can do this by watching them closely for the activities that they love getting involved in, and by putting up different questions. For toddlers and preschoolers, books that teach how to read are ideal. These have push buttons with different colorful icons and help children playfully learn different sounds and words.

Where to buy books for kids?

Online bookstores facilitate selecting and purchasing books for children right from wherever you are. FairGaze is an online platform that aims to cater to the needs of individual children by offering them with an encouraging and dedicated environment. It also sells children’s books at reasonable prices. You can buy online books in Delhi and the rest of India from here. FairGaze’s user-friendly allows you to search and find the books you are looking for with its filterable portfolio. You can choose from a range of children’s books listed under categories including mythology, non-fiction, children and young adults, reference/quiz, anthology, science, and fiction. You can also opt to filter out books by their titles or authors. Its user-friendly interface also informs you of the number of likes received by specific books from their readers. Further, you can also send enquiries about individual books. Make sure that you make use of this convenient portal for buying books for your child.



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