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Program Outline

FBP - BE WELL™ Behaviour & Well Being Support for Teenagers:

BE WELL™ Behaviour & Well Being Support for Teenagers is about connecting dedicated Behavioural Mentors with individual Teenagers who are vulnerable or troubled and help them over a span of 30-60-90 days through a personalized plan. The objective is to work with each individual teen and help each one overcome challenges which could be personal experience based, academic, social relationship based, family related, technological or behavioural. Our Behavioural Mentors deeply understand the teen and work with each one through in-person and telephonic sessions keeping all information about the individual teen confidential between the teen and the Behavioural Mentor.

Program Outline

A 60 MINUTE FACE-TO-FACE STRUCTURED CONVERSATION between the Teen and a Behavioral Mentor only! Each individual teen’s experiences, interests and natural bent is captured, basis which, our Behavioural Mentors collaborate with the teen to help each one make realistic life choices

Program Fees:

2800/- INR per session (Inclusive of Taxes)


60 minutes




About the Provider

BE WELL™ is a social initiative by INDIA EXCELLENCE FORUM, a not-for-profit Society working on the behavioural health of teen students & their ecosystem across schools, communities and districts within India
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